PsyWebinarMarket is the team of distance learning professionals in the sphere of depth psychology.

We exist to create the available interactive environment for you, with the aim of increase of your learning opportunities and personal development, furthermore, to popularize the depth psychology and psychotherapy.

We help you to participate in the most interesting and significant events in the psychological world and exert every effort to ensure that every interested person could visit the performance of the world stars in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

We provide to each of our clients the possibility of online and offline participation in conferences, seminars and master classes .

Our team

Gigutsa Buchashvili

The ideological inspirer, professional psychologist, graduate of the MAAP. Gigutsa has been actively promoting the online format in the Russia and the world.
Dmitry Konstantinov
The technical director, "great admin", computer-man, commutation monster. He is our main expert, who put on the technical track the entire process of online broadcasts. Dmitry is responsible for everything that our students see and hear on the air. The bunch of the cameras, microphones, wireless systems , tripods , radio systems and image projection systems lies on his shoulders. If you want to ensnare the hall of several thousand square meters by wires and show the most undercover corner - it's a task for him. He knows how and where to place cameras, instructs operators when to take someone in the shot. He handles a variety of devices for online broadcasts. Also Dmitry masterly tames the user's technique: you just need to threaten naughty machine that you'll complain about it - and it will work! His motto is "The sky is the limit!".
Elena Khandurova
The coordinator of online-programs, psychologist, graduate of the MAAP. Elena works with online students and attendees, does advertising, prepares the links to login in webinar room for online seminar participants and, at the end of the broadcast, she handles links on the records and sends them to the audience in a most secure mode. Elena heads the intervision groups of online students in MAAP, also she is a tutor of supervision groups of child psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
Roman Tikhonov
The operator, our legs and arms. Roman is always in the forefront. He works with cameras, sound devices, commutation. He adjusts the sound of the webinars, so participants hear the essence without interference and breaks. He sets light to illuminate the most important themes and ideas of our lecturers. In the process of broadcast, Roman is always in touch with online participants to respond quickly for the requests for audio and video. In conjunction with Dmitry, Roman can solve the technical problem of any complexity.

With the help from our partners you have an opportunity to participate long-term educational programs and trainings with a following obtain of diplomas and certificates of these organisations and societies:

You have an opportunity to attend webinars of following famous analysts:

  • Donald Kalsched
  • Nancy McWilliams
  • Otto Kernberg,
  • Irvin Yalom
  • Andrew Samuels,
  • Ursula Virtz
  • and many others...

Michael Vannoy Adams (USA)

Jerome Bernstein (USA)

Katerine Crowther (UK)

Mladen Dolar (Slovenia)

Allan Guggebuehl (Switzerland)

Andreas Jung (Switzerland)

Donald Kalsched (USA)

Otto Kernberg (USA)

Paul Kugler (USA)

Dvorah Kutzinski (Israel)

Arnhild Lauveng (Norway)

Dale Mathers (UK)

Nancy McWilliams (USA)

Roger Penrose (UK)

Susan Rowland (USA)

Andrew Samuels (UK)

Bernard Sartorius (Switzerland)

MArtin Schmidt (UK)

Ann Shearer (UK)

Barbara Turner (USA)

Jan Wiener (UK)

Ursula Wirtz (Switzerland)

Sylvester Wojtkowski (USA)

Irwin Yalom (USA)

Beverly Zabriskie (UK)

Slavoy Zizek (Slovenia)

Luigi Zoja (Italy)

For 6 years of our team work we organized:

10 jungian paychology international conferences where following stars of analytical psyhology were involved:

  • Andrew Samuales,
  • Paul Kugler,
  • Jan Wiener,
  • Catherine Crowther,
  • Bernard Sartorius,
  • Susan Rowland,
  • Michael Adams,
  • Sylvester Wojtkowski,
  • Jerome Bernstein,
  • Beverley Zabriskie,
  • Dvorah Kutzinski,
  • Dale Mathers,
  • Luigi Zoia,
  • Barbara Turner,
  • Arnhild Lauveng,
  • Allan Guggenbuhl
  • Andreas Jung  
  • and many others.

Series of online broadcasts and seminars:

  • Nancy McWilliams,
  • Donald Kalsched,
  • Irvin Yalom,
  • Andrew Samuels,
  • Ursula Virtz,
  • Martin Schmidt,
  • Anne Shearer

Broadcast of lectures given by stars of popular science:

  • Irvin Yalom,
  • Slavoy Zhizhek (world famous philosopher),
  • Mladen Dolar,
  • Roger Penrose (British world famous astrophysicist, Sir, friend and ally of Stephen Hawking)

We've successfully organized remote and online education in a cooperation with Moscow Association for Analytical Psychology for "Jungian psychoterapy" major. (2 years program, 3 graduate groups of remote and online form of tuition )

With a Moscow Institute for Pshychoanalysis we started online form of education for following majors:

  • - Psychoanalytical councelling and psychoanalysis of children and teenagers (2 graduate groups)
  • - Psychoanalysis, psychoanalytical psychotherapy and psychoanalytical councelling(1 group graduated)
  • - Viktor Frankl Logotherapy (3 online groups graduated), filmed World Congress of Logotherapy in Vienna May 2014 with Elisabeth Lukas, Eleonora Frankl, Peter Kohl
  • - Performed a broadcast of seminars given by following analysts:Geanne Magagna, Bianca Galo, Wolfgang Losch.

We've been constantly searching for new recourses and opportunities for our students and listeners, so the variety of our programs, seminars, webinars, and long-term courses will be more and more enhanced.

We are proud that you're with us!

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